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Customer Reviews

Thank you all so much for your wonderful posts and comments. Reading these each day is such a treat for me. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are enjoying the products as much as I do. Formulating these products is truly a labor of love and joy for me and reading your positive feedback is the best part of my job.  Thank you to all of you that take the time to write your comments . We really do LOVE hearing from you – so keep those comments coming. 

~ Francine Porter

 Just had another LED facial at Lord and Taylor in Eastchester, N.Y. I have had about 4 treatments and have been using Osmotics for about 4 Months. I have noticed lines disappearing and the small folds on the outside of my eyes have disappeared. I am extremely pleased with all of the products. My suggestion would be to take a photo of clients on their first treatment then 3 months later. I wish the girls could. It would be an "eye opener". Francine and Renee at the counter know the products and are very helpful in suggesting the correct products for my skin type. I am 69 yrs. young . Sheila

I recently have returned to your Osmotics line of skin care....I purchased one month ago, LIPOFILL..I love it.   I have seen a big difference in the zone areas...have used entire supply in one month now. The question I have is there any possibility it is available in a large size? Would really love it it did. Thank you in advance. Laura

My Lipofill came yesterday and I’m already loving it! I used it last night and this morning and I can already see a difference around my mouth. I have a couple of deep lines on the top of my mouth that are a little red also. It took out the red and made them less noticeable. Exciting!   Robin

My favorite Osmotics product is a toughy! There's Intensive Moisture Therapy which is amazing for sensitive skin, it smooth and never oily or greasy on my skin. Then there's Blue Copper which is heavenly on your skin! But my absolute favorite would have to be the Antioxidant Eye Therapy. It's a cooling sensation when you put it on and soothes the skin under the eye. I use this product throughout the day just to give my skin a little pick-me-up. I absolutely love Osmotics and have used their products for years! I highly recommend these products for sensitive skin. I hadn't been able to use moisturizers on my face without breaking out or getting a rash until I was turned onto this brand.  ~Meghan V. 1 (posts) Wednesday, July 15, 2009 11:40:16 PM MST


Blue copper lifting serum is absolutely the best firming product ever. that combined with the light treatments and i have had unbelievable results. I am a forever customer. thanks Francine, and keep the new products coming. I cant wait to try the Renovage eye when my kinetin eye runs out ~Unknown 1 (posts) Thursday, July 16, 2009 3:03:16 AM MST

 I love combining Blue Copper with Renovage. I'm only 29, but I use Ziana (a Retin-A product), and it makes my skin dry and peely. The Blue Copper/Renovage cocktail helps to relieve the peeling and discomfort caused by the Ziana. My skin looks brighter and smoother and more even! :-)    Nicole L.



I can honestly say, I am just venturing back into Osmotics. I did use it years ago, and gave up on the Blue Copper. Until recently, I was told at a Nordstrom event, that people where marketing it wrong, they were selling it as a moisturizer. It is not a moisturizer, it is meant to be used in conjuction with a moisturizer. Well now I know why the product did not work. I received a sample of the of the ARAD moisturizer and the Blue Copper eye, I like both but the Blue Copper Eye seems to be my favorite so far!  Susan M.

I just started using Renovage and it is amazing at how it makes my skin feel. I bought it specifically to see if it would help with my hyper-pigmentation. I am on my way back to the clear skin I had before moving to a very sunny local. Kathryn L.

My favorite products are anything that says Blue Copper. My skin feels so soft and hydrated with the blue copper products. Renovage is surely becoming my favorite as well. The results are amazing. Ann T.

I love all the products. When I first started to use the product within a week my husband said I looked extra beautiful and what had I been using on my skin. I am 53 and used many different products from other compaines before and he has never asked me what I was doing with my skin. That is what sold me on your products. Then my hairdresser asked me if I had had a face lift that my skin looked wonderful and I looked years younger. I had been using your products for about 2 months when she gave me that compliment. I have been using your products since Nov 2008 and I love all the products that I have used so far, espically the Creaseless. Since I have been using your products I have been complimented by co-workers, family, friends everyone has noticed the change in my skin. I been a wonderful product. I was introduced to your products at Dillards in Boise, Idaho. I am sold on your Osmotics, just before I purchased your product I had been using another line from another company for years. I never got compliments till now. The compliments never stop, I get them daily or many times weekly. Thanks for making such great products. I can't wait to try all your products. R H

I have been using Osmotics for years, and love the way these products work together, and enjoy the comments from people regarding my skin. I love the Blue Copper which I have enjoyed over the years. The latest products Renovage serum and eye cream are wonderful along with the Inner Light are my new must haves. Diane C.

My favorite product is the Hydrating Cleanser. I love everything about it. It has a wonderful fresh scent that smells like an orange creamsicle. The gentle lather removes makeup well, yet leaves my face soft and hydrated. I had been using this product for a while when I started to share the cleanser with my mother. She is in her 80's and had been having a lot of problems with her skin. She had tried many name brand and expensive products and had problems with her eyes tearing, redness and itchiness after washing her face. She was very frustrated and only tolerated washing her face 2-3 times a week. These problems disappeared as soon as she started using my Hydrating Cleanser. She is now a believer in your product as I am. We cannot say enough great things about this product. Thank you!! Vickie C  

I discovered Osmotics when i was searching for products to sell, and ordered it especially from France to test. I got a set for the oily and combination skin set. I like all the products but my favourite is probably the Blue Copper 5 Lifting Serum! I love the texture of it, not too heavy for my oily skin. Although i am rather young, i have sagging skin due to losing 30kgs in 2 months, and i can see the difference when i started using the Blue Copper Serum. A tip for all of you out there : use the blue copper serum right before a home-device Anti-aging LED treatment with red/amber lights. I think it definitely enhances the product. I've had some pitted scars left during my acne years, and after a few treatments with the LED Lights with the Blue Copper Serum, my pitted scars has become less obvious! I am very happy as i have been looking for a solution for years. Another good tip is to put on the blue copper serum right after doing derma-rolling (using a derma-roller). Another plus is that these products didn't cause any breakouts. However, i found that it wasn't moisturizing enough when used alone - so maybe some Hyaluronic Acid in it might help! Hope to try out your other products as well!

I use every one of the Osmotic products and have been for almost a year now. I am really enjoying the new Inner Light and have been taught various ways to use the product. I like using it over your makeup to highlight your cheekbone and other areas of your face. It gives my skin a nice healthy glow. Thank you Francine for everything you have done with advancing skin care.  Bev Curtin

Blue Copper is the best product ever. Since early childhood, I have suffered with bouts of eczema. I had used many products from the Dermatologist and many over the counter products, but Blue Copper is the first product that actually relieved both my redness and itching. What a life saver! Thank You!  Debbie W.


I love Blue Copper. It's the one product I've used that has truly made a difference. It's worth every penny.

I've been using Osmotics products for over ten years. I get comments on my skin all of the time and refer people to the Osmotics line. I've been using the Hydrating Cleanser, Blue Copper products, Kinetin products, and the products with sunscreen in addition top various other Osmotics products. My favorite new product is the Lip & Tuck. My lips have become dryer over time, and this is really a great product. My 24 year old daughter is already using the products and referring them to her friends.

My mother and I had a brief introduction to the Osmotics line while shopping at Nordstrom yesterday. We had the Eye Surgery and Copper 5 Firming Eye Repair products applied along with a brief LED photorejuvenation around the eyes. We were so impressed with the under eye appearance that we returned for more information on getting started, but the representatives were so busy with customers and were unable to assist us. Our plan was to return another day, not knowing that they are not there everyday and that this was an "Event" day. We are very disappointed we didn't just stay and wait. My mother and I are very anxious to start using the products with the LED treatments and hope the Reps return soon. Anna G


I have been using the Follicle Nutrient Serum. It has really helped my hair to become healthier looking and fuller. The shampoo and conditioner also are nice. However, I really love the FNS. I also love the Blue Copper product. My skin is really sensitive and I can't use a lot of products, but this work extremely well to nourish my skin and make it look beautiful.

First and foremost I must say I absolutely love each and every skin care product of Osmotices, so it is almost literally impossible to pick just one favorite. One product that I absolutely couldn’t live with out would be the Eye Surgery. I love the fact it works as a 10 second eye lift. I use it every morning and constantly amazed at how it takes care of my dark under eye circles. Its truly wonderful to have a product that can not only give you visible results the moment it has contact with your skin, but also the simple fact that it is gentle on the skin, and that’s something to be proud of when you have as sensitive skin as myself. Audrey R.

I have been using Osmotic products for 2 years and have seen an amazing difference in my dry skin.I love all of the products, but have really noticed a dramatic difference since using the Renovage. I also love the shampoo and conditioner. It leaves my hair shiny and easy to manage and the compliments are lovely to receive. The LED treatments are also fantastic. I use the Eye Surgery religiously and have noticed a major decrease in puffiness and lid puffiiness.Thanks to the Osmotics team for excellent products. My recommendation for a new product would be a hydrating and exfoliating mask.I find that the present one is not user friendly for me and I feel like I am pulling my skin to remove it. Sandra S.

I am a new user of Osmotics. While on vacation in San Antonio, I was in Dillards where a demonstration was being given. I purchased several products and I love them all. My face just looks "lit up". I love my contacts in Customer Support also. Sooooo helpful. Shirley V.

I am truely loving the new Renovage Eye Cream as well as the Renovage serum. It makes my face feel so smooth and soft. I also love the Age Defense Body Silk as it does the same for the rest of my body. However , I am wondering why you are discontinuing the Lipoduction? I love the way it makes my thighs feel and look. I have bought up all that I could find and am wondering what I am going to do when I am all out of my stock pile. I am always looking forward to your new products. Bev C.

I had red blotchy cheeks, chin and nose. I use almost all the products and the redness is gone. I am 59 and the dark age spots on my face have lightened. I work with horses all day long in the sun, so staying shaded is impossible. I don't like hats, they give me headaches and hat hair. I have used the Age Prevention SPF 40, but I get small white heads. I sweat alot and have oily skin. I use it mostly on my nose now and chin and upper lip. My favorite product is Eye Surgery.

My favorite Osmotics product is the sure seems to slow the hair fallout and makes the hair I have look and feel thicker and fuller! Victoria G

FNS is my favorite and will always be! I recommend this product to women all the time. My hair was falling out to the point I was considering shaving my head! Luckily I started with the shampoo, conditioner, and followed up with the FNS hair product and I have a very thick and healthy head of hair!

My favorite is Blue Copper 5. I'm 58 and everyone guesses me to be around 38 - 40! My skin looks and feels great.  Kate J

It is such a difficult task to narrow down to just one favorite Osmotics product as each product I've tried has become a favorite :)! However, if I must; I would have to say that Triceram holds a special place in my heart. My now eight-year-old daughter has had dificulty with eczema since infancy and Triceram has been our miracle cream. It has been the only product to truly heal her skin without stinging and further irritation. Thank you for creating Triceram-it has been a blessing.- R.B.

I love the Blue Copper 5, I also use the Hydrating Cleanser and Kinetin products that I purchased as a gift set. But the Blue Copper products are my favorite. My hands, heals and the soles of my feet have improved 100% I have a skin condition known as palmoplantar psoriasis that if is not kept in control is painful and looks horrible and the Blue Copper has worked wonders in keeping it controlled. Connie J

I love the Eye Surgery, because my eyes feel refreshed after applying it. The Blue Copper is also a favorite because it makes my skin feel smooth. I'm counting on the products to make a difference with my skin after years of use. Linda B

I love Osmotics and now I have my husband using your products! His favorite is the Osmotics Shampoo & the Osmotics Conditioner. He was noticing a receding hairline, and since he's been using the shampoo, conditioner and the Osmotics FNS Serum, we have both noticed new hair growth in those thinned areas of hair. My favorite product is the Blue Copper Moisturizer. I put it in the refrigerator and is really relaxing when I get home out of the heat. Hope this helps! Lorrie G

Renovage!!! Eye Crean and Serum. Where have you been all my life? I love the difference these two products have madeto my face. My wrinkles around my eye are softer and smoother than before and my skin is smooth, I mean smooth and moist without being greasey feeling. I have been an Osmotics customer for 3 years and tried everything that is right for my skin type and hair. I also could never live without Blue Cooper 5 Lip & Tuck. I carry one in my purse and one on my bedside table so it is handy whenever I want it. My lips were always dry and chapped and nothing worked to make them better. One application of Lip & Tuck and they have been moist and dewy ever since. I love all your products and am always excited when new ones come out:)

I have used several different lines but never saw any difference in my skin. I was in the San Francisco, Norstom's and I was telling the sale person that I did not see any difference in my skin and he asked if he could show me Osmotics. He put Blue Copper on one side of my face and not the other. I could see a difference right away. I am not also getting the LED treatments once a month. I love all the products Jayne P

I've been using Osmotics for about three years now. I've been very satisfied with my regimen. When I added Renovage it seemed to take my skin to another level. It's without a doubt my favorite product at this time. I also think the results with the LED treatments are very impressive. Danuta

I have three favorite Osmotic products. First is the FNS Revitalizing Conditioner. It is the ONLY hair conditioner I have used on my very fine, curly hair that does NOT weigh it down. FNS Conditioner is the only conditioning product I will use faithfully on my hair. My second favorite product is the FNS Follicle Nutrient Serum. I apply the serum in the evening before bed (it never leaves my hair greasy), and also after each shampoo. The serum truly keeps my hair from falling out so easily. My third favorite Osmotics product is the Blue Copper Lip & Tuck pen. I love the feel of it on my lips, and use it before applying lipstick in the morning, and again at bedtime so it works all night on softening the lines on my lips. Valena G

I am new to Osmotics. I have tried just about every skin care line there is and still am not satisfied with the results I have been getting. I am 62 years old but do not look my age. Today I purchased your FNS Follicle Nutrient System for thinning hair and FNS Nutrilash. I am also looking for a product for lifting, firming, and fine lines. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Jan C.

Have been using for one year and you truly can use less makeup when your skin looks great. Will never use anything else.  Sue H.

Dear Francine, I am new customer. About four weeks ago I was at Nordstrom when the lady at the cosmetic counter asked if I wanted to try Osmotics products. I guess she must have noticed my server rosacia. I told her that I couldn't use anything but what the doctor recommended me. Well she went on tell me a little more about your product. She also told me that if I was not satisfied that I could bring the products back and she would give me back my money. Well I am happy to say that after 4 weeks my skin looks so much better and people are asking me "what have you done differnet". I would like to let you know that the milk calming cleanser and the blue cooper cream have done wonders for me. I have totaly stop using what the doctor had me on and I can honestly say that my skin hasn't looked this good in three years. Thank you, Margarita P. from Coral Gables, FL

Dear Francine,

On April 29 I had the pleasure of meeting Leonard at the Bellevue Nordstrom in Washington. We had a short chat; I introduced him to my friend Joyce and niece Madelyn (who has to be your youngest Osmotics user). Leonard asked if I would mind sharing my Osmotics story with you, so here it is!

I was first introduced to Osmotics when it arrived in the downtown Seattle Nordstrom’s while attending a class on skin care. The Anti-Radical Age Defense (ARAD) was demonstrated on me with a very positive reaction from the audience. Afterwards we went downstairs where I received an LED treatment on my eyes. At the time my sixteen-year-old niece, Justine was along. She looked and me and said, “Oh, Auntie, you looked good before and now you look beautiful and younger. You have to get this for yourself!” After additional time with your representative we left impressed, a full LED appointment scheduled, the ARAD for me, a basics kit for Justine and Triceram for each of us.

Backing up a bit, a month prior to finding Osmotics I had a scan done on my skin. It wasn’t horrible, but certainly there was far more damage than I had been aware. One month after using only the ARAD a second scan showed an amazing improvement of 35 – 60% in the areas scanned previously. At this point I had received one full LED treatment and was using the ARAD twice daily.

With this confirmation of how wonderfully Osmotics was working for me I began to purchase other products as could be worked into my budget. I introduced each of my sisters and nieces to Osmotics, a few neighbors and all of my friends and a few strangers who have actually stopped me on the street to ask what I use on my skin. While I cannot speak for the strangers, the rest are all devoted Osmotics customers.

My great-niece, Maddie, was born on April 17, 2008. We began her skin care regimen with Blue Copper and Age Defence Body Silk. Her favorite is the ARAD – the bright silver jar appeals to her. She will play with it for longer periods of time, but knows that it is a lotion. When she wants lotion on Maddie will hand me the jar and touch her face. I open the jar for her and a tiny finger goes in to capture a bit then it is carefully applied to her face. A second finger-full is then patted onto my face, as she loves to share! She began playing this at 3 months of age. Maddie has attended several trend shows with our little family group (my daughter, Samantha; sisters, Sharlene, Pamela and Wanda; nieces, Ashley, Justine, Leslie, Nicole and Stephanie; cousin, Jen; and friends, Joyce, Melissa and Zoa). The group keeps growing as others ask to join us frequently. It won’t be long before there’s only room for us at an Osmotics event!

My son serves as a Federal Agent with the United States Coast Guard. Being on the water in all types of weather has been very harsh on his skin. I sent him the men’s kit for his birthday and he now orders his products from your web site He was amazed at the difference and protection he is receiving in using Osmotics daily.

Maddie was with us for our LED treatment on April 29th and “chatted” and smiled with Leonard. She had just attended Joyce and my LED treatments (she’s fascinated by the process and I had forgotten that she would be spending the day with me).

Shawna Cooley, Jessica King and Chris White-Emden make each of our visits truly special. They are remarkable people as well as fine representatives of your company. It is clear that they are each passionate about Osmotics, their customers, and have become valued friends in the process of doing business with them. I have learned so very much from each of them about how to properly care for my skin and I truly am looking not only better, but younger as well.

After an extreme reaction to a biopsy I had taken in March, Chris and Jessica scheduled an extra time for me to receive a treatment (Jessica’s schedule is filled weeks ahead now) for which I was truly grateful. My skin had gone through an unbelievably negative experience; it looked and felt like dried leather. With the LED and Blue Copper working their magic my skin is in a much, much better state these days.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce others to your product. I carry Chris’ business cards with me to pass along anytime I am approached about my skin. The “girls” are always asking when the next event will be and we make a full day out of it with Osmotics taking center stage. By the way, we range in age now from 1 year to 87 and could not be happier! Between us you have products that meet all of our needs. We weren’t a bad looking group before, but now we all go out in great and total confidence. Thank you so very much for your work in this field and making it affordable (the others are working or retired, but I am on disability and Osmotics has clearly become a necessity for me).

I wish you continued success. May your days be filled with many joys and blessings always.

Sincerely, CL ~Seattle

I am so enamored with your products that one of the first things on my agenda after moving to different locations on transfers on my job is to inquire as to the availability of Osmotics.  I am constantly complimented on the appearance of my skin.  I used Chanel skincare exclusively  prior to being introduced to Osmotics.  I have been hooked ever since. 

Thank you. 
Esther Elson

Dear Francine,
I recently had bariatric surgery and was most concerned about hair loss which happens in over 50% of patients who have this type of surgery.  I read the article about FNS in Allure Magazine and thought I would give it a try.  My hair was already thin due to a hysterectomy at the age of 30 along with getting my mothers folicularly challenged hair (but I did get her great green eyes!).  Anyway, that along with this surgery had me in a panic.  I am so happy to say that my hair looks fabulous, it feels so much healthier and thicker and I am actually growing more hair.  I  have not experienced anyn of the  hair loss that usually occurrs around 3-5 months after surgery.  I have recommended your product to everyone I meet.  I truly feel hopeful that I will have gorgeous sexy full hair with my new body. Thank you again for bringing this product to the public, it is amazing.

PJ   Pittsburgh, Pa

Dear Francine,
I have been using your products for several months and have noticed a big improvement in my skin.  You might not believe what I'm telling you next and maybe it's just in my head.  I had a visit with my Dermatologist last week who in the past was my Collagen Guru, when I ask him if he thought we should give my face a touch up his answer was, I don't think you need it.  Than he said, by the way, what have you done - your skin looks incredibly good.  So I told him about your product line.

In the past I ordered my creams and toning facial mist direct from you, however,  I  was happy to discover Osmotics at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto. 

Ursula Fitch

I had been searching for La Mer's skin cream, which I had read so much about, when a saleswoman recommended your Cream Extreme to me.  I began using the product about six months ago and my skin seems completely transformed!  The surface is no longer dry, my skin seems to retain moisture much better, and there are no longer any blemishes.  I'm fifty-one, and have very few wrinkles, but haven't developed any new ones since I began using Cream Extreme.  I've never written a testimonial before, but I wanted you to know how wonderful your product is. Recently, I began searching for another bottle of the Cream Extreme and couldn't find it in any of the usual places.  I was quite relieved to discover that you had a website, so I need never fear being without a  bottle of this magic...

Regards and gratitude,
Carolyn Forche-Mattison

Dear Stephanie,

I just had to take a moment to show you what Nutrilash has done for me.  I noticed that my lashes were "changing" when I hit 50.  I spent the next few years trying many things to make them look more youthful, but nothing worked.  They became shorter and more sparse as each year passed.  While shopping, the subject of my short lashes came up  and I was invited  to an event which featured a presentation by Osmotics.  I attended, learned about Osmotics FNS and left with a 2 month supply of Nutrilash.  I attended, learned about Osmotics FNS and left with a 2 month supply of Nutrilash.  I decided to take a B4 photo, because the Osmotics Rep assured me that if I didn't notice a positive change within 60 days, I would receive a full refund.  Needless to say, I was very skeptical and I wanted photo documentation, so there would be no problem getting my money back, lol.  I used FNS Nutrilash nightly and as promised, I began to see improvements.  The first thing I noticed was that I no longer found lashes on my cheeks each time I cleansed my face.  The elimination of my daily lash fall out made it worth continuing use of the product, so I purchased an additional 3 month supply, and as you know I've been using it faithfully ever since.  I took an "after" photo approx 6 - 7 months after I began using Nutrilash.  I used animation shop to make a fade from my before to my after.  I've used this photo as a testimonial on some Internet Beauty Boards and shared my success with many other individuals interested in improving the look of their sparse lashes.  I also recommend your Nutrilash to everyone who comments on my lashes, when I'm out and about.  Some have even asked me if I get lash extensions, lol.  The photos are not retouched, and I'm not wearing any type of lash product (mascara, liner, etc) in either photo. These are my home grown lashes, thanks to Osmotics FNS Nutrilash... 

Kindest regards, 

** I know that so many people I talk to about Nutrilash are skeptical, until I actually show them what it's done for me.  Once they see the results, they are ready to try the product.  I have attached the .gif file.  I don't know the total number of frames because I just selected the fade transition option in animation shop.  The first frame is the before, and the last frame is the after.

Just wanted to let you know (as if you didn't already) that the Kinetin Cellular Renewal Serum is a MIRACLE PRODUCT. I first bought it - on a whim - about a year ago, and since then it has become an indispensable part of my beauty routine. I use the serum twice as a day a moisturiser - expensive, yes, but my skin's in such good shape now (no more fine lines or hyperpigmentation) that I can confidently go without make-up. The days of drifting between varied brands are definitely over.

Thanks for a great product,
Melanie Saint Cyr
London, UK 

To whom this may concern:
I have been using your product for just about two weeks and simply cannot believe the amazing results I have experienced in such a short period of time.  I have had problem skin ever since the age of 14 and have used just about every product under the sun always leading to artificial or negative results. All the junk purchases have made me a real skeptic.  Therefore, you can see how I would not be your typical "easy sale".
Well, while recently visiting a store in my area (NYC), one of the sales girls (who was so sweet!!!) asked me to try out Blue Copper.  OH MY GOODNESS!  My skin was transforming every single day!!  I love it!!!!  Truth be told, I went back in under one week and bought a large bottle of Blue Copper, TriCeram and hand cream for starters. 
In any event, I am not only pleased with your products, I am so convinced by them that I am also interested in selling these products. 

Best regards,
Christina Tzorbatzoglou

I was first introduced to you products in Ft. Lauderdale. I used your Blue Copper and just love your Illuminating Hydrating Complex SPF 15 which I use every day. I am running out, thus I went on the web to find out where I can purchase it. I don't use anything else. I haven't used the eye cream as yet - but will purchase that along with the Illuminating Hydrating Complex. I first heard about Kinetin and used that on my skin and LOVED it. The Illuminating I used before make-up - but the Kinetin I used ALL the time.
I first read about your products in a magazine and have been using them for at least the past 4 - 5 years and at my advanced age I really have a smooth wrinkle-free skin.  Met a school chum this past week-end and she's beginning to have those lines and by using your products I have lucked out.

So - my thanks
Lois Powers

Dear Rima...Last December, I think it was, I talked to you about my alopecia and you sent me a bottle of FNS. I have been using it on the top of my head for about 8 months. I have grown some hair on my head and my eyebrows and eye lashes are growing!! I am thrilled to have eyelashes again! My dermatologist wants me to continue using it. I am going to have him write me a prescription for it and see if I can get my insurance to pay for it. I just wanted you to know how happy I am with your product and how much I appreciate you sending me a bottle to try. Thank you so much for your help. 

~ Deb Cole

 I use your FNS system and I now have hair.

~MD, Massachusetts

So far I feel that FNS has had an overall positive effect. I feel that my hair loss in the front has slowed down which was evident within the four to six week time frame you alluded to. My first few applications I would lose well over 10-15 hairs while applying FNS. I now rarely see any more than five and most of the times it is less than that.

~ SP,Georgia

I would like to thank you for releasing FNS. Although I experienced great results with propecia, I had to quit the drug a year ago because of side effects. Since then, I have in desperation tried every conceivable hair loss product.  I am glad to report your product has worked wonderfully. Not only have I experienced a complete cessation in my hair loss, but my hair is substantially thicker than it was 3 months ago. I have almost reached a point where I can keep it short and be happy with it.

~ NM, New York

I started using the product on the 9th May 2002 and have used four pumps per session (each evening) from this date. I have noticed a dramatic increase in "velus" hair. I have also noticed a significant increase, particularly at the frontal area in dark hair re-growth.  I started loosing my hair some 9 years ago and since that time have used Rogaine on a regular basis, but have also used; Fabo 101, Renoven and Finisteride all without any success!
FNS is the first product to make any difference whatsoever!

~PC, England

 Many thanks for the shipment of the Follicle Nutrient Serum
...Im 24 years old and have only been using the product a few days now and already ive noticed amazing results.  I have made no change to my diet or daily life only added this product.  I can see that this product is better than anything else on the market...Thanks for saving my hair.

~ DW, New Zeland 

Ok something strange is going on here...I have been using FNS ...and for some reason there is a lot less hair loss or hairs in the comb...I have been experiencing hairloss for the past year even though I was on proscar and minox. Call me crazy...but I think this stuff really works! I mean I usually wash my hair every other day just to avoid having more hairs come out in the wash...and now I have been washing it the last 3days once a day..and there is ALOT less hair...can this be possible? 

The Best Exfoliating Masque!
I am approaching my late 30's and needed to find a product that would give me back my youthful glow! My skin has started to become dry in some areas, oily in others and I still get the occasional breakout. After trying many different types of moisturizers, I came to realize that I truly needed an exfoliant but with sensitive skin, this has been a challenge. I purchased Osmotics Facial Refining Masque from my local Nordstrom's cosmetics counter about two weeks ago. After just one usage, I noticed a major difference in the balance of my skin. My dry, dull look was gone. After two weeks I have noticed a major difference in firmness, moisture, and the fine lines are less noticeable. I use this product two or three times a week and I alternate times of application. Sometimes I use it at night before I go to bed and other times I have used it while blow-drying my hair out in the morning. Either way, I am still getting results and will continue to purchase this product. 

As a licensed Esthetician, I can honestly casy this is the ONLY eye product that I love for myself and actaully recommend it for my clients to use.  Dark circles fade and eyes actaully look awake.  Great textrue, not too greasy, and anot too light. 

~ Mie, North Babylon, NY

Great product!  My face is so soft and my skin tone is even.  I can't believe how good my skin feels with Blue Copper!  I use this in conjunction with the Balancing Complex SPF 15

~ Mel 

I buy all sorts of products and am fairly gullible to claims of miracles. Blue Copper actually is very very good. I'm 35 and felt like my skin was aging and it's been fabulous and people have noticed the difference. My mother who is 63 also loves it and I have to now mail it to NZ for her. Be careful about getting others addicted to this stuff or you will be buying it all the time! :)

~ Gabby 

Really Works! 
I love the Eye Surgery product.  I saw results in just a few days, and continue to see results. 

~ D.E. Rea

Love It
I have only used this product (Blue Copper 5) on my face overnight and this morning and have already benefited with more firmness in my skin. The product does not quickly absorp into the skin, but provides smoothness and softness at first application.

~Sassy B.

This product is absolutely amazing (Blue Copper 5 Firming Elasticity Repair) It does EVERYTHING it claims to do!  It gave my skin a more radiant tone, my fine lines are GONE! and my skin actually glows!  I highly recommend it!

~ Marial B. 

Highly Recommend this Product
Before I started using this product over a year ago, I had very uneven skin.  With my continuous use of this product my skin clarity is very even now, and I have that full moisturized look.  I just love Blue Copper 5.

~ Juanita Johnson

Liked It
I wanted to try a copper product and am a satisfied customer of Osmotics' FNS products so I tried Blue Copper 5.  It's very soothing, has a lavendar scent.  Its perfect for my dry, sensitive skin.  I'm almost done with my first 1.7oz jar and am very pleased with the results.  I feel the redness in my skin has diminished and is brighter.  I still require a different, heavier moisturizer at night but this works great in the morning before my makeup (not nearly as much foundation now, thank you!).

~ kmb, Midwest, USA

I am a year round swimmer and being in the water has a tendency to dry my oily skin out and make my skin peel. The Balancing Tonic is great at restoring the moisture to my face that is stripped away from swimming-without over drying. It is also a great product to use after a workout.

~ Caitanya 

 Best Ever
This is by far the best eye cream (Antioxidant Eye Therapy) I have ever used! Keeps fine lines from forming and eliminates any you may have.

~ LauraBeth

I find all Osmotics Products make my skin beautiful. The Kinetin eye cream is excellent. My eyes look younger, refreshed and fine lines went after the first application. I am not kidding. I'd like to give a tip here. If some products don't work for you, you may need to change your makeup or something else you are using. My eyes were puffy with bags and I switched concealers and it went away. Sometimes it's what else you're using. Also you must protect your skin from the sun - eyes included.

~ B.C. Alexis 

Eye Surgery seems to work!
This lightweight serum seems to have helped reduce the puffienss under my eyes.  The lotion is light and absorbs very well. 

~ Ana

 Looks Like I have Makeup On
I don't need makeup with I use this (Age Prevention Illuminating Complex SPF 15) - my skin looks gorgeous.  I love it. 

~Barbara C

 OMG!  It works!
Had to go without this (Kinetin Cellular Renewal Serum) for 2 weeks or so and could see my skin getting blotchy, dull. Finally got a new supply and after a few days could see the difference --- redness diminished, lines softened. Although the company changed the size from 1.7 oz to only 1 oz. it's still worth it.

~ JoAnn 

Delighted with this cream.
I am amazed at how Triceram relieves the redness on my arms (spider veins and irritated looked skin). It happens within in minutes and the effect lasts. It is better for my body skin that Atopalm is.

~ Stacy in Pasadena, CA

Cracked Heals
TriCeram is the only product that has ever worked on my sore, cracked heels..I love it!!!


Unbelievable Results!


No More Cuts
The Ultra Shave Butter is awesome---- normally I have cuts and dryness after I shave--- -this stuff is sooo smooth I love it

~ Alex 

Black Skin Rejoice.
If you get ingrown hair like most black men do, then this is the stuff to use (Ultra Shave Butter). Osmotics also made an after shave ...and that is also incredible...

~ Darrell

I am very impressed with these products!
I was looking for a product that would help shedding hair & dry scalp. I have thinner hair to start with & even though my hair wasn´t thinning, it seems to shed out so much & my scalp was dry & irritated. I found the FNS Follicle Nutrient System. After using for 2 wks I was shedding less hair, my scalp was not dry or irritated, the few gray hairs that would pop up now & then were pretty much gone & my hair is thicker & growing faster. I´ve been using it for about 2 mths now & my hairdresser remarked how good my scalp was, how much my hair has grown & there´s hardly a gray hair. I am extremely happy with these products...they do exactly what they say! I love the FNS 3 Step System!

~ MJP, Berwick, PA USA

Purchasing Again
5 mos ago I began to lose hair, 250+ strands. It´s most noticable on the front sides, even my friends noticed. I have long fine hair but my ponytail is a 3rd of what it was. Finally went to my doctor and she believed its from emotional stress. She sent me to a dermatologist and she agreed. Pull test positive from roots. She said monitor for bald spots and take folate and biotin which I have daily. I researched and decided to try FNS. After a month I noticed my hair was much shinier and smoother. 2 mos and I saw baby hairs sticking up. Its beginning to grow in the sides now - even my stylist noticed. I´m very happy with this product. The shampoo and conditioner are wonderful too.

~MM, Midwest, USA

My husband & I both use this
Along with the shampoo, this product (FNS follicle nutrient serum)helps our hair stay thick and continuing to grow. It is helping my hair grow in thicker after losing it during chemo treatments.

Sheer Delight
The pleasant texture of Osmotics Blue Copper 5, which seems to be a blend of cream and gel, allows it to glide on smoothly with even coverage. And with good penetration, just a small amount of this light and sheer product goes a long way.

Best cellulite product out there
I've tried them all and I have to say that I have had the best results with Lipoduction. Within a week I could see a difference in my body.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I've only been using the products for about 4 weeks, but I can already tell a difference.  I have to tell you how I came to use this. The lady who does my facials was concerned about how sensitive my skin was. A very careful waxing of my chin area left burn marks that blistered and peeled. I also had a very unsightly rash on my neck that l suspected was caused by Renova, but my dermatologist disagreed as I had been using it for a couple of years before the rash appeared although I did have some sun damage in that area.
Finally, my esthetician convinced me to stop the Renova and just use a very light vegetable peel and continued facials to see what would happen. The rash disappeared and the waxing now leaves only a slight redness that goes away in few hours.
Now to your products: I began using them, as I said about 4 weeks ago and there is already a marked improvement in the firmness of my skin and diminishment of the little lines and wrinkles. I would say that Kinetin is equal or better than the Renova, but without the peeling, (which NEVER went away for me),irritation, and redness after waxing. In addition, I feel that the effects of the spa facials last much longer on this product. Also, I love the way my skin feels. I hadn't realized how dry and rough it felt on the Renova.
Sorry to be so long winded, but at my age (53) it's been a long time since I've been excited about a beauty product. I really felt that giving up the Renova was going to mean instant wrinkles. I'm so glad I listened to my esthetician.

~Linda Flint

FNS! THE TOPICAL I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!I am very happy to say that i have been waiting for a topical such as this. This product has taken care of just about every angle that we "know" of male pattern baldness. TETRAHYROCURCUMIN is an inhibitor of DHT. L-ARGINING increases NO production. L-TRYPTOPHAN and L- TYROSINE are very potent anti-stress as well as cortisol lowering, and of lowering prolactin levels.. CINNAMON has insulin like activity as well as a very potent anti-bacteria and anti-fungal agents in the oil. L-VALINE is a extremely potent anti-inflammatory agent. L-ALANINE,L-HISTIDINE,and, L-glutamine are also in D.P'S proxiphen-n which can control fibrosis.  This product is not JUST a bunch of amino acids, amino acids are the most important thing to the human body, let alone hair. Do some research on this agents in FNS and you naysayers may be enthused. This product covers every single angle of MPB that we know of today.

This is my Cellulite story..Since the appearance of celluilite in my thighs when I was 15 years old I did not stop tyring different things in order to make it disappear.  I did special and expensive massage treatments in the area, apply creas/gels athat suppose to "improve" the appearance and give you the famous "Peach feeling" as Christian Dior..Clairins:  Body LIft Contour ...

After years of disappointing intents I just accepted what one of the cosmeticians told me, " your problem is genetic, for sure you got it from your mom!!!" I accepted this theory and lost completely faith in seeing my body as I wanted to. Today after exactly 60 days of treatment with Lipoduction (applying once a day only) the cellulite is almost gone.  YES!!! In my left leg, where I had more cellulite than in the other, I have a little left and on my right leg disappeared completely.  I am is unvelieveable...pleease note that in order to be sure that the results are from Lipoduction, I did not work out since August and I am not in any special diet, in fact I just gain 2 pounds and in my buttocks area I LOST a few centimeters!!!!!!!! I am so happy, confident and Lipoduction became my favorite beatuy secrete, for me, as all Argentineans, it is very important to look the best always, from inside and outside, I would recommend Lipoduction to every woman that suffers from this problem.

~Paula Rojkin, Age 32



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