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Age Spots and Sun Spots & Hyperpigmentation

Age spots, also referred to as liver spots, sun spots, or hyperpigmentation can arise on our face and body as we age.  They are caused by the damaging effects of the sun over time.  

Age spots are a cosmetic concern for many people, which is why Osmotics has created award winning anti aging skin care for age spots and hyperpigmentation. See visible results with Osmotics' line of anti-aging products that nourish the skin to fade age spots. Let Osmotics bring you younger looking skin for your face, hands and body!

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<b>Age Prevention </b><br>Protection Extreme SPF 45
All Skin Types - A.M. UVA/UVB Protection
You'll love this sheer, oil-free will full broad spectrum UVA/UVB coverage - Leaves skin smooth with no residue.
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<b>Renovage </b><br> Longevity Serum </b>
All Skin Types: Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Large Pores
Serious serum visibly beautifies for flawless skin. All Skin Types.
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<b>Inner Light</b><br> Instant Complexion Enhancer
All Skin Types: Complexion Perfecter
This sheer, luminous veil of translucent color creates flawless, beautiful skin ~ the ultimate complexion perfecter.
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1.7fl .oz/50ml
<b>Lighten FX </b><br>Serious Brightening Solution
All Skin Types: Discoloration

Visibly lightens and brightens discoloration and uneven skin tone, while helping to prevent sun damage.
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<b>Lighten FX </b><br> 3x Dark Spot Remover
All Skin Types: Dark Brown Spots/Blemish Scars
Triple strength spot treatment banishes stubborn dark spots, discoloration and blemish scars without irritation.
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