ABC’s of Blue Copper 5 (AKA Copper Peptide)

ABC’s of Blue Copper 5 (AKA Copper Peptide)

Anyone taking a quick glance around our website soon discovers that Copper Peptide is a key ingredient in our anti-aging cosmeceutical skin care. We were the very first to identify Copper Peptide as a game changing ingredient and feature it prominently in our brand for very good reasons. I’m a hard core (and skeptical!) researcher when it comes to the scientific data and support of the ingredients used in our line; and I’m often asked “Why Copper”? It’s a great question! So read on to learn the why, what, when and where behind this unique, safe and effective mineral based anti-aging ingredient.

What is it?

Copper Peptides have been studied since the 1970’s and were first used in the wound care field. The naturalmineral is combined with a peptide (think protein) chain to form Copper Peptides. These are created through apatented manufacturing process that produces the final active ingredient. The process and the resultingingredient is expensive; but well worth the price. You won’t find well formulated, effective Copper Peptideproducts in the mass channel because using adequate amounts of the ingredient is not possible at lower price points.

What does it do?

Copper plays an important role in maintaining healthy looking skin. It enhances the production of collagen andelastin, which helps maintain the strength of the skin. It also enhances skin-plumping hyaluronic acid forincreased hydration and visibly calms inflammation and redness, so it’s a natural for sensitive skin types. Inaddition, copper combats free radical, oxidative damage, key to helping prevent the visible signs of aging.

What benefits will I see?

You will see visible improvements in skin firmness, texture, tone, fine lines and radiance. All in all, your skinwill just start feeling more comfortable and looking healthier; and HEALTHY skin is BEAUTIFUL skin.

When should I use it?

You can start using Copper Peptide products anytime! The sooner the better. Itsanti-aging properties are perfect for younger skin types that want to focus on prevention and obviously for skinalready showing signs of aging. I strongly believe EVERYONE can benefit from incorporating these productsinto your skin care routine; no matter what your concern you’ll see visible improvements in the overallappearance of your skin.

Where should I use it?

I’ve created Copper Peptide formulas for face, eye area, lips, body and scalp/hair. Each product is created totarget the unique concerns of specific areas. Whatever your concern, copper can help!

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