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The Blog is Back!

by G k. on 6/22/2015 7:51:26 AM

Francine’s Blog

Hey, it’s me! And I’m back!

And how fun to be back with you! You are my inspiration and the reason I do what I do…. and I STILL LOVE doing it! I’ve been busy developing lots of great new products, ideas and more. I’ve been traveling to stores, meeting, greeting and learning more about you and what matters most in your world.

We are celebrating our twentieth anniversary this year. Yes…can you believe it…. 20 years of Osmotics Cosmeceuticals! It’s been an exciting, wonderful ride and I have enjoyed every (well almost every) minute of it. Thank you to all of our loyal devotees. I am truly grateful for your steadfast support.

I am here to Inform, Educate and Advise. To help you maneuver the interesting, challenging, ever changing, and exciting world of anti-aging cosmeceuticals and to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest in health and beauty. As always, I’ll continue to offer straight forward, honest information that enables you to make informed decisions on everything from high tech ingredients (what works and what doesn’t) to the best treatment for hair loss. I respect the consumer’s intelligence and try to reflect this in everything I create, write and communicate to my readers.

Integrity is vital in every successful endeavor. By putting my name on the box, I take personal responsibility for the content. I don’t bring anything to market that I haven’t personally researched, developed, touched, tested, used and loved. Creating each and every Osmotics’ product and having the opportunity to meet and touch so many of you over the years has been a joy and true labor of love. I look forward to continuing to do both for at least another 20 years to come!



Skin Fitness Boot Camp

by Francine P. on 8/16/2011 1:32:30 AM

I’m super excited to announce the beginning of our annual Skin Fitness Boot Camp Week!   From August 16 – 21,  we will have teams of our skin care experts available in select Dillard’s stores across the country to provide personalized skin care consultations and prescribe a skin care regimen specifically for you! 

I’ll be on the road myself with a morning show segment and fun filled event at the St. John’s Dillard’s store in Jacksonville, Florida!  If you’re in the neighborhood do drop by, I’d love to meet you!   With Summer coming to a close and Fall just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to rev up your routine and get glowing!  Beautiful skin is always in!  Come experience our signature photo rejuvenation treatments for visibly firmer, smoother, healthier skin ~ free with any $75.00 purchase ($250.00 value!)  AND…’ll have one last chance to enjoy huge savings on our award winning Blue Copper 5 Essentials for Ageless Skin ~ a convenient travel kit that includes: our Anti-aging Cleansing Gelee, Firming Elasticity Repair, Face Lifting Serum, Firming Eye Repair and a Molecular Repair Ampoule Treatment ~ $175.00 worth of anti-aging wonders for $78.00..a fantastic value!  So check out your nearest Dillard’s and get a jump on great skin and a great deal!

 Limited quantities, order while supplies last!   





Ageless Beauty Index

by Francine P. on 9/21/2010 9:06:31 AM

Ageless Beauty Index

Are you confused by all the jargon and hype surrounding cosmeceuticals and skin care products;  ingredients, technologies, what works and what doesn’t?  Well fret no more…..we have the answer!   Check out our FREE  Iphone app, Ageless Beauty Index!  This is the coolest tool around for giving you quick, easy access to the most commonly used ingredients in your skin care products.  It’s has everything you need at your fingertips to make informed decisions on all your skincare purchases.   I partnered with Truth in Aging, our favorite and most trusted independent beauty website to provide you with straight forward, objective and honest information ~ a philosophy that we both share and embrace. We cover various products and brands so YOU can be the judge.  It’s simple, fun and easy to use and we’ve also included a daily deal to give you insider/VIP access to our best values and offers.  So go to the Iphone app store and download it now for FREE here!!!   Start saving time, money and YOUR SKIN!

And PS:
Let us know what you think…I love hearing from you!!

All my Best,


Share Your Favorite Tip and Win

by Francine P. on 1/26/2010 7:07:43 AM

We constantly receive wonderful and informative feedback from our customers and I so enjoy hearing from each and every one of you!  We are committed to making our products the very best on the market and your feedback helps us create new and innovative additions to our brand.  So with that in mind, please send us your favorite insider tips and tricks for new, alternative ways to use our products.  For example, a loyal customer swears by Blue Copper 5 to heal bruises and scars....yes it really works!  Let us know what product and what cool new ways you've discovered to use it!   Post a comment by Friday of this week, and you'll receive a $15.00 gift certificate just for participating and you'll also be entered in a drawing for a $200.00 Osmotics gift card!  Can't wait to hear from you!

To Comment - simply click the link "Leave A Comment" below and follow the instructions. 



Winter in the Sun-'Tis the Season For Aging!

by Francine P. on 11/6/2009 4:30:28 AM

Just because you’re not sweating doesn’t mean you’re not wrinkling.

As a nation we’ve gotten much better about summer skincare – unlike our parents, we don’t often hold reflective foil panels to our faces, and most of us bring sunscreen to the beach. But when things start to cool down we stop worrying about UV rays! It may feel less sunny, you may be spending less time in a swimsuit, but you’re still basking in the ultra-violet radiation of the sun, and frankly, it’s making you look old.

Most of the skin changes that we associate with aging (fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, drying, thinning) are actually caused by UV light. Called photoaging, UV radiation damages the DNA of your skin cells, disrupting the ability of your skin to heal itself and causing lasting damage to your skin’s healthy function. And what ever happened to tanning for a nice healthy glow?

While people in other parts of the country spend a good portion of the year completely covered up, Floridians are among the more fortunate Americans who can get away with shorts and t-shirts all year long. This increased exposure to the sun, paired with a blasé attitude toward winter sun protection, is why living in a state with warm winters makes you twice as likely to get skin cancer.

Talk about reliving the sins of our past – most of the photoaging we experience is from damage that occurred by age 20. If we continue to pile on more and more sun damage, our skin never gets the chance to heal itself. That’s why winter sun protection is so important – only year round protection from UV rays gives your skin the breathing room to start recuperating.

So what to keep in mind?

  • Your hands and face are exposed year round no matter what you wear, and they are the first places you’ll show signs of aging. People tend to develop brown spots on the left side of their face first. Why? UV exposure occurs through windows and even light clothing – and people rarely guard against sun exposure through the driver’s side window.
  • For daily coverage use a sunscreen with Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection with an SPF of no less that 15. UVB rays are covered by the SPF, but UVA rays are much stronger, penetrating deep into the skin, and need to be blocked by zinc or titanium oxide, parsol 1789, or mexoryl. UVA exposure especially leads to loss of collagen and elastin, causing deep wrinkles, sagging skin, and uneven discoloration.
  • DO NOT rely on makeup or lipstick for adequate protection! Both can fade and lose their potency throughout the day, so make sure to use sunscreen and a lip balm with an SPF underneath other cosmetics.
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids and retinoic acids thin the skin and increase sentivity, and thus many people wait until winter to use them (to avoid extra UV exposure on extra sensitive skin). Makes sense, but if you do this it places even more importance on using high-level sun protection during the winter months.

Photoaging is a concern all year round, but because winter feels cooler it ends up in some ways posing more of a threat to skin health. For most of us now it’s common knowledge that we should wear sunscreen every day, but it’s when we’re putting up Christmas lights that we forget to protect our skin, not when we’re water skiing on spring break.

So we've managed to kick our parents' summer sun protection habits.  Let's kick their winter ones too!  And I mean no offense - I'm sure they're fantastic people, but when you're their age wouldn't you rather look a generation younger?




Consistency is the Key to Great Skin at Any Age

by Francine P. on 9/4/2009 7:56:18 AM


I was in the elevator of the downtown dwelling that I call home in Denver, Colorado when I met a dear neighbor I had not seen for awhile.  She is a charming and beautiful lady, in her seventies, yet doesn't look a day over fifty!  I have known her for quite some time and she just happens to be an Osmotics'  devotee...for the past 12 years!!   She proceeded to tell me that she had attended a wedding where she reunited with many friends she had not seen in fifteen to twenty years.  Several came over after the ceremony, cornered her and exclaimed "You don't have a %$#D!@& wrinkle on your face!!!  What have you done??  She giggled and simply replied, well I do take care of my skin religiously and I use Osmotics.  Well as you can imagine this was music to my ears and I had a grin from ear to ear all weekend long. This is not a unique story as we hear it daily from lovely ladies (and gentlemen) of all ages, races, ethnicities, and diverse backgrounds!  It's what drives me, motivates me and keeps me up late at night's the reason I'm passionate about what I do!

But also, it really does prove the point that consistency is vital to keeping your skin healthy and looking it's best.  Believe me there is no one magic product that will accomplish what a sensible, science based skin care regimen can do throughout the years.  The skin is an amazing, and complicated organ and will hold up quite well under the right conditions.  You may be using an incredible anti-aging cream nightly but if you skip daily sun protection, it's a complete waste.  If you are not using the appropriate cleanser for your skin,(over zealous cleansing or leaving residue behind) this can  have a negative effect on the  wonderful benefits of your treatment products.  And if you use a regimen for just a few weeks and then stop and then start it (yes, I  know this does happen!) you're not going to get optimal results. This seems like common sense but many times we don't apply it to our skin care regimen.    Think of it like need a disciplined program of consistent workouts to see results, and to maintain those results you must be consistent.  Not just for a week or a month but for a lifetime! 

An effective skin care regimen works synergistically to keep the skin healthy and beautiful while preventing signs of aging. And unlike exercise, it only takes about 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night..... a small price to pay to be the envy of all your friends at seventy!!! 




And the winner is.....

by Francine P. on 8/19/2009 3:40:24 AM

Thank you all so much for your wonderful posts and comments. Reading these each morning has been such a treat for me. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are enjoying the products as much as I do. Formulating these products is truly a labor of love and joy for me and reading your positive feedback is the best part of my job.

I’d like to offer my personal congratulations to this month’s winner – Audrey R. She will receive a $200.00 Gift Certificate to use at    And, as a thank you to all of you that took the time to write your comments – you’ll be getting a special Osmotics gift as a small token of our appreciation.

We really do LOVE hearing from you – so keep those comments coming. Stay tuned and keep checking my blog to learn about our next contest and a chance to win more Osmotics goodies.





Skin Au Naturale

by Francine P. on 8/4/2009 5:59:49 AM


In its natural healthy state your skin is made to protect you. When doing its job properly, it’s great at defending your body from external harmful elements while keeping itself in good repair. Sometimes, though, the skin has trouble keeping up with all the irritants and stress that come along with the average day. Man-made chemicals, from laundry detergents to car exhaust, can contribute to weakening the skin’s ability to function at its best.

Now, believe me, I’m not about to stop washing my clothes or driving my car, but I’m not going to turn to more man-made chemicals to help keep my skin healthy either. The skincare market today abounds with products labeled “organic”, “green”, or “all natural”, and yet even among these products you can find plenty that are loaded with unnecessary chemicals and harsh additives.

But not to worry! Mother Nature’s got us covered. There are plenty products featuring ingredients that are one hundred percent natural, come with no side effects, and offer fantastic benefit for your skin.

The most important rule is to look for products without artificial colors, fragrances or coal tar dyes (like FDC red, blue, etc.). These colors are only included in cosmetics for marketing purposes and really should not be used on your skin.

  • Here are a few natural ingredients that will help bring your skin back into balance:There are several Pure Essential Oils that work beautifully in skin care products. Not only are they natural and smell wonderful, many are beneficial for the skin. Lavender (by far the best all around for skincare), Clary Sage (anti-aging, skin regenerating) Sandalwood (healing, moisturizing and soothing) and Tea Tree (works well with oily, acne prone skin) are some of the best to look for in skincare products.
    o         Firming Tonic Facial Mist
    o         Balancing Tonic Facial Mist
  • Shea Butter is a natural emollient rich in fatty acids, vitamin A and E. It helps heal, soothe and protect and is great for treating dry, rough skin, scars and reducing inflammation. Great for body care products.
  •  Co-Enzyme Q-10 is one of the most potent antioxidants available for topical use and is vitally important for cell functioning: it plays a major role in the production of energy in the cells
    o         Kinetin Cellular Renewal Serum
  •  Polygonum Cuspidatum Root (Mexican Bamboo) – A natural and powerful source of Resveratrol – which helps to repair and prevent signs of aging skin
    o         Renovage Cellular Eye Repair 
  • Jojoba Oil is a great all around natural, nourishing oil. Its chemical structure is the most similar to the skin's natural sebum, so this is an excellent oil for normal and normal/oily skin types because it works to naturalize sebum production.
    o         Kinetin Cellular Renewal Serum

We’ve all gotten drawn into buying things we don’t need. When shopping for skincare products, though, this can be a real problem! Don’t pay for artificial ingredients that aren’t going to treat your skin nicely – most often the best things for your skin are simple and natural.

Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she gave you your skin. Make sure she’s a part of your skincare regimen and you’ll always have a healthy glow!




Is your make-up aging you? Simple ways to instantly take off 10 years.

by Francine P. on 7/21/2009 8:39:16 AM

Are you adding years to your face every morning at the make-up mirror?  As we mature our faces change. The little areas we used to touch up with a bit of concealer or foundation begin to get larger, more frequent, and our skin begins to take on a more yellow hue. And what’s our solution when our usual cosmetics don’t work as we’re used to? Use more of them!

Unfortunately, treating our skin as we did ten years ago can lead to some pretty undesirable results. I frequently see women make cosmetic mistakes that end up aging rather than enhancing the face.

Here are a few major things to avoid, and simple ways to put your freshest face forward.

1.  Tame your impulse to over-use foundation. As we age we need less and less foundation, not more and more. Many women, worried about their skin’s changing texture and tones as they mature, start heaping on more and more foundation, which is a critical error. Foundation tends to give a mask-like effect, and can accentuate every fine line on the face. The result is artificial and heavy – the exact opposite of youthful! Apply and blend foundation only where you have any uneven skin tone and only where you need it (usually around nose, under eyes, or any red or splotchy area).   Or, simply blend your foundation with a smoothing moisturizer containing SPF protection for a natural healthy look.  

2.  Find “Light Reflective” and “Soft Focus” Pigments. We started to see these magical concoctions a few years ago, and they really do work beautifully. They are available in a variety of creams, lotions, etc. and give the face an instant lift by reflecting light and minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Look for products with a "soft focus effect", which is smoothing and subtle, and stay away from anything with too much sparkle or glitter.  Inner Light Instant Complexion Enhancer will give you the radiance you need - use alone, mix with your foundation or combine with your SPF for a flawless finish (I also like to mix it with Age Defense Barrier Repair Body Silk and apply to my hands, neck and legs for instantly smoother skin all over!)    

3.  Toss out your brown lipstick. Brown is too harsh; we want fresh and soft. Stay with medium to light shades of roses and pinks (try pinky roses, or even copper roses) but leave the extreme colors to the teens and twentysomethings. Soft reds can look stunning but stay away from flat, matte intense reds that, again, create unflattering contrast on your face. And, while we’re on the subject, I’d like to do a quick Lip Pencil 101: lip pencils are great to add subtle definition but please make sure they work with your natural lip tone and closely match the lip color itself. And please don’t use a dark liner with a light shade of lipstick – it’s an instant passport to 1985. You should apply lip pencil AFTER lip color so the line doesn't show and isn’t obvious. And don’t even ask – your dark brown lip liner should already be in the trash. Enough said.  

4.  Abstain from facial bronzer. Many skin tones take on a yellow undertone as they mature, and applying bronzer (or self tanner) to the face only intensifies this. Instead of enhancing your skin tones you’ve just given yourself the infamous Jaundice Makeover. Stick with creamy natural pinks and rosy blushes for a healthy “just came back from yoga class” glow to your skin. Nothing looks fresher or younger, plus, you didn’t have to do thirty reps of the Downward-facing Dog pose.

5.  Get a face-lift, don’t get surgery. At one time or another we’ve all considered some pretty drastic options to look younger. These days, though, there are some fantastic new options that are non-invasive ways to perk up your skin and even your complexion. One procedure that is increasing daily in popularity is LED Treatments (Read More about Osmotics’ Signature LED PhotoRejuvenation- available at Nordstrom, Dillard’s and Lord &Taylor), this quick and painless treatment uses specific wavelengths of light to stimulate collagen production and encourage healthy skin.

You may also want to try these Non-surgical Alternatives for healthier, younger looking skin without surgery:

Remember – when emphasizing the youthful beauty in your face it’s most important to think “soft, natural, warm.” Many women I work with are often surprised at how simple it is to turn the clock back years by making a few small changes and breaking a few bad habits. It can be so easy to fall into over-using cosmetics or emphasizing the wrong colors, so take a good look at your skincare and make-up regimen. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but a youthful glow is always in. So toss out the browns and bronzers, and step into the new season with a healthy fresh face that looks years younger






Win a $200 Osmotics Gift Certificate

by Stephanie A. on 7/14/2009 11:15:45 AM


Simply join in and tell us what your favorite product is and why!  You'll automatically be registered in our monthly drawing to win a $200 Osmotics Gift Certificate - redeemable at  We'll announce the winner on the blog in August.

Join the conversation!  We are so excited to introduce Francine’s new blog – the hotspot for the latest in beauty, health and anti-aging. After 14 years of pioneering technology and cutting edge innovations in the cosmeceutical industry…it’s the place to come for no-nonsense, down to earth advice on what really works.

We value your input and want to hear from you. 

  • Participate in the dialogue and help us create the products that you want
  • Submit your questions and get personalized skin/hair care  and anti-aging advice from Francine
  • Share your thoughts on your favorite product
  • Use your VIP status to take advantage of  the  best values and promotions   

And who knows…you might be the one who creates the idea for our next new product, or comes up with that clever name for colors in our fall FACE collection!




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